These workshops are the offerings for 2017. Your suggestions are ALWAYS welcomed!


Essential Oils and their Molecules, presented by Cha Roberts. Do you know why some Essential Oils are more effective than others for the same issue? Take a look at the benefits of Essential Oils from a chemical component point of view. Cha will explain in simple terms what a chemical component is, define what a few chemical components DO and then help you create a blend to follow with the information.

Heal Thyself . . . with a little help from Mother Nature, presented by Shari Koval. This workshop will incorporate the use of Flower Essence blends for yourself and animal friends. You will have a basic understanding of the benefits of Flower Essence blends for human and animal use. Everyone will be able to concoct their own blend focused on their needs.

Healing in the Red Tent, presented by Kathy Holton. Come and listen to a brief talk about healing and the role women play in it. Hear about how indigenous healing has been lost in the West. Experience activities that will help you practice how to get this lost art BACK: Create Energy, Energy Balls, Healing by Touch, Sharing, maybe even some Belly Laughing!

Basic Tai Chi, presented by Mary Gill-Scott. The practice of Tai Chi is often called “moving meditation” as it fosters a calm and tranquil mind. It is a gentle way to fight stress. Expect a focus on the fundamentals of Tai Chi practice, with a brief description of Tai Chi and a short (2 minute) demonstration of a Tai Chi Form. Group participation in a short warm-up followed by Qi Gong breathing exercises, gentle movements, work on balance and walking, and simple Tai Chi postures.

Tibetan Bowls: Using Sound for Well-Being and Personal Growth, presented by Mark Woodhouse. Participants will be given an introduction to the theory and methods behind the use of Tibetan bowls as an aid for relaxation,  as a complimentary modality for alleviation of physical and emotional complaints and as a tool for increased spiritual awareness. Experience a group meditation while Mark plays the bowls. You may be given an opportunity to make the bowls ‘sing’ yourself.




All-Natural Manicure, presented by Jamie Baker

All-Natural Skincare for the Face Over 25, presented by Lizbeth Russel. Learn how to care for your skin naturally, without expensive products. Explore healthy options for skin care that are natural, easily available and cost effective. Create an all-natural facial scrub to take home!

Beginners Meditation, presented by Margie Rodgers. Learn the basics of  Calm Abiding and Loving Kindness Meditation in this introductory  class.  Whether to reduce your stress or calm your wild thoughts, the first step is to be quiet, and know your mind. Based on traditional Tibetan Meditation Techniques, you will learn how to have a proper relationship with your mind. “Muddy water, let stand, becomes clear.” Same with your head.

Personalized Non-Toxic Beauty, presented by Gretchen Rae. In this interactive workshop with Gretchen, learn what to look for on the label. Learn personalized, natural DIY beauty recipes!

Time Matters: A Woman’s Retirement Outlook, presented by Matthew Stoutenburg. No matter what your situation, are you thinking about what you need to do to retire? There is a thought-provoking 10 question quiz that will get the ball rolling in this workshop. This program will share perspectives on financial concerns facing you as you are considering getting ready, or have transitioned to retirement. Lots of Q&A here!



Part-Time Ink, presented by Caitlin Kelce Cheney.  Caitlin specializes in the art of henna body art and jagua body art. Both henna and jagua are natural dyes that have been used since ancient time to create natural skin adornment. She loves to teach and inform the public about henna and jagua and all it’s wonders. Firefly Henna provides an exotic and magical experience, as well as a beautiful adornment that guests will be talking about for weeks!

Painting Your Way, presented by Lela Greenough.  This workshop is all about having fun and being creative.  Create something fun and beautiful while learning different painting strokes. Then make it your own. NO previous knowledge of painting required.



Transform Your Home Into a Safe Haven, Presented by Sue Gruber. Do you have older family members who are consistently absent from gatherings in your home? Do they call at the last minute to say they are under the weather, or have a conflict? Maybe it’s basic designs in your home that keeps them away. Empower yourself by being a forward thinker! Learn about attractive, intuitive, Universal Design features can make your home welcoming, bring peace of mind and provide you and your family comfort and ease of living for many years to come.



A Women’s Dance, presented by Dancer’s Alley. Be inspired by a group of women from Dancer’s Alley who live their passion for dance  and will demonstrate that passion in a lively lunchtime performance.  



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