These are the presenters from last spring. We are developing new programs for 2017. Your suggestions are always welcomed!

Chelsea Ambrose – CareFirst
Chelsea has studied a variety of holistic and alternative approaches to healing such as energy work, meditation, and creative arts therapy. Through these modalities along with her work in the field of death and dying and mental health, Chelsea has mastered the art of having difficult conversations. She is skilled at building confidence in others and empowering them to use their existing strengths in a new way to initiate complicated discussions. Chelsea Ambrose is a licensed Master Social Worker who is currently the Counseling Services manager with CareFirst. She is certified in Thanatology (the study of death, dying and grief) and Hospice and Palliative Care Social Worker. Chelsea has focused her career on working with families who are  dealing with grief, bereavement, advanced illness management, end of life issues, and caregiver burnout.
In addition, Chelsea spends significant time contributing her skills to our community and the world through her volunteer work. She is the VP of Heart Heart, a local non-profit which provides holiday assistance and other services throughout the year for local families in need. She also co-chairs a sponsorship committee for The Bon Foundation, an organization which supports Tibetan Refugees and helps to preserve Bon, the indigenous culture/religion of Tibet. Chelsea has developed her skills as a clinician to heal, guide and support people at some of their most difficult and vulnerable times.

Mindi Beheydt – Seneca Sunrise Coffee
Mindi Beheydt is an artisan coffee roaster based in the heart of the Finger Lakes region in New York. Her organic coffees are available for sale at local grocery stores and other retail locations, and are served in various local restaurants and B&Bs. Mindi is committed to roasting only organic coffee beans — Fair Trade-certified, shade-grown and bird friendly as much as possible — in order to provide you with the best quality of coffee at an affordable price. Seneca Sunrise Coffee whole bean coffees are of single origin without added flavoring and roasted in small batches, so that only the pure characteristics will be extracted from the bean. “Roasting organic coffee is a natural extension of my passion for food made with clean and safe ingredients, sourced from reliable producers and grown with respect for the environment.”

Christie Dier – Lotus Beauty Lounge
In 2013 at age twenty-two, the door of opportunity opened and Christie Dier became a salon owner. Less than two years in, they were growing beyond their walls and Lotus Beauty Lounge was birthed in January of 2015, which is located in a unique space on the second floor of Hanover Square in Horseheads, NY. Christie completed her fundamental education through GST BOCES in 2009. From 2007 to present, she has gained experience through intensive training in London, LA, NYC, Nashville, and Las Vegas via TONI&GUY, Aveda, and Paul Mitchell specifically. Although Christie loves radical change (for hair is your greatest accessory), she is dedicated to delivering what looks and feels best for each client as an individual. Her clientele ranges in all ages, professions, ethnicity, and textures.

Ginny Coon – Imagine That!
Ginny Coon has been the owner of Imagine That! for 26 years. She grew up in the retail environment with her father and grandfather owning a retail store in Downtown Elmira from the early 1900’s until the 1980’s. Ginny strives to bring the best in children’s clothing and toys to our region through her store on Market Street in Corning, NY.

Nancy Fairchild – Love In Life Wellness
Nancy Fairchild is a certified Soul Realignment practitioner and is currently obtaining a Ministerial Bachelor of Holistic Theology degree from AIHT. Her passion is empowering individuals by helping them to align their free will and everyday life choices to the divine origination of their soul. Nancy uses energetic tools such as reading ones Akashic Records, Aura photography/biofeedback, Reiki, Clair-sentience, Clair-cognizance, symbolism, crystals and astrology.

Karen Hayberg – Hayberg Wellness

Karen has been practicing Acupuncture for 22 years. Prior to that, she worked in the regular medical field for 18 years. She is a native of Elmira/Corning. Her passion is to see her patient’s pain and discomfort gently disappear. She enjoys hearing people say, “You mean the needle is in?! I didn’t feel it!” and “I wish I had done this earlier”.

Kathy Holton – The Healing and Learning Center
Kathy Holton is a Reiki Master Teacher and owner of The Healing and Learning Center in Elmira, NY. Kathy has been healing for 6 years and teaching for 3. She specializes in 1-on-1 healing sessions using light hands on, drum, sound, crystal. There is a couples session to strengthen your love and bonds with each other. The Center opens up for Veterans one day/month with an all-volunteer staff ready to serve. These sessions can be between 1 and 4 practitioners to 1 Veteran. The Healing and Learning Center is also a host to a variety of area practitioners who offer workshops and classes on a variety of topics.

Beverly Kennedy – Wellness Arts Network
Beverly Kennedy took on Wellness Arts Network as a business in 2004 after watching it fade away time and time again. By putting her talents in Organizational Development, Instructional Design and Creative Thinking to work for regional business owners with products and services focused on Wellness and Well-being, the vision was launched for Wellness Arts Network. When you have a strong wellness community, you build a vibrant community in general. That is the vision for Wellness Arts Network and the commitment that drives Beverly.

Leeann Lawrence – Hula Hooping
Leeann has been interested in hoop dancing for a long time. She was a dancer when she was a child and still loves to express herself through movement. Leeann started learning hoop dance when she discovered YouTube instructional videos. This lead her to make her own hoops!

Rebecca Lewis – R. L. Studio Portraiture
Rebecca Lewis is a Women’s Portrait Photographer. She has been in business for 4 years but has been a photographer since the age of 20. Rebecca decided to concentrate on women’s photography and portraiture because she was always hearing women say they weren’t beautiful and hated to be in photographs. This included Rebecca, herself. She wanted every woman she knew to see the beauty that they possessed but did not see in themselves.

Glenn Miller – Chamberlain Acres Garden Center & Florist

Owner of Chamberlain Acres Garden Center & Florist for almost 9 years. We rely on healthy plants and friendly service to keep our customers coming back.

Colleen Parsons – Inner Decisions
Reverend Colleen Parsons is the reverend for Tree Of Life Spiritualist Church in rural Pine City.

Caroline Poppendeck – Karima
Caroliine Poppendeck found dance after she graduated and has been Belly Dancing for over 20 years, several of them at a professional level in the Buffalo area. She has taught beginner and intermediate classes for 15+ years. Having started dancing as an adult, Caroline has a special affinity to those who also start dancing as an adult.

Diana Riesbeck – The Witch’s Stitches
Started in January, 2013, the Witch’s Stitches is a fabric & needle arts shop employing 5 gifted quilters. They provide a selection of over 4,000 bolts of top quality fabrics from the best designers. The Witch’s Stitches also offers kits, supplies and classes for many of the needle arts from cross-stitch & embroidery through needlepoint, knitting, crocheting, punch needle, woolwork, tatting and quilting. They are recently a Janome sewing machine retailer.
Diana Riesbeck was a paint/wallpaper contractor for 25 years, specializing in Interior Décor and prepping homes for sale. She has been stitching since she was 10 and enjoy combining her love of color & design with her passion for needlework.

Mary Beth Schoonover – Zentangle® Art
In 2012, Mary Beth was trained by the originators of Zentangle® and became a Certified Zentangle® Teacher. She has since furthered her education in this art form through many workshops to enhance her technique.
Mary Beth has found that in our busy and chaotic lives, many of us have shut the door to our inner voice. Zentangle® is one method that helps her to unlock that voice. Her love affair with Zentangle® has become a springboard allowing her to explore her creative side. This art of creating, the art of seeing, the art of really being present in her life to the joys that have always been there, were brought forward by her daily practice of Zentangle®. As a teacher of Zentangle®, there is no greater joy than when a student has that AH-HA moment, when they hear their creative voice speak to them. So with great joy, she teaches regularly scheduled Zentangle® classes at the Hobby Lobby in Elmira, at Rockgirt Bed & Breakfast in Canton, PA and many other private and public settings upon request.

Diana Talcott – My Girlfriends Jewelry Box
After beading as a hobby and selling some of her jewelry to friends, family and at craft shows, Diana decided to take the plunge and purchase her own bead & jewelry supply store in 2014. Some of her knowledge includes stringing beads, bead weaving, wire-wrapping, and bead embroidery. Diana loves to have girls gather together in the store for birthday parties, bridal parties and a Girl’s Night Out. Class schedules are available by signing up on the email list or by following them on Facebook.



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